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    “Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one’s self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.”
    — Michael Rivero

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I UV | OPPT Goes Public

I M Power Absent Limits

After years of investigation, traveling the world meeting with bankers, heads of government and political leaders, endeavoring to find a solution to the global problem of debt slavery, the three Trustees of The One Peoples’ Public Trust 1776 released the first official announcement, related to the UCC filings that had been made on behalf of all people of the world.

Freedom has now been taken back. Now it just needs to be recognized and accepted by We The People. The tools that have now been made available need only to be utilized. That is all.

Remember the story of the guy who is stranded on an island? A boat comes by and offers help and he says, no, God’s going to help me. Then all these vehicles come forward to help him off this island, and he says, no, God is going to help him. He dies, and when he gets up to God he asks, ‘why didn’t you try to help me?” God says, “I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter…”

Some people will sit and wait for someone else to do something for them, but are they standing being responsible for their own DO’ing and BE’ing? When you have a solution given to you and when we are DO’ing that solution, in our individual part of the whole, the complete solution will unfold and we will have to recognize that part of Universal Law and that Universal Law is a free will choice.

Right now there are choices being made in every part of the slavery system. The ones that have been hiding in that slavery system are ready to become transparent and will now allow this new one to come out and manifest.

Please do not be concerned that the format of the original announcement has been written with too much “legalese”. The announcement was written this way for a very good reason – We The People were not the intended audience. The Powers That Were, were the intended audience.

Enjoy your newly regained FREE’DO’m!

Continued at: I UV | OPPT Goes Public

See:  One People s Public Trust Official Announcement on 12-26-2012

Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts

Documents for Proof of Ownership for Funds

This page is where I will put the documents that you can use to show proof of ownership for your funds from your account(s).

I will update it again as soon as I can with the email templates and docs you would attach and instructions.



for now here are 3 documents- formats of the Factualized trust.

1. a word version with [directions] where you are to fill in your information. You can search the document for the [       ]   so you do not miss any.

In the [    ]   it will tell you what to type in.

Example: If the inside of the brackets says [xxxxxxxxx] you write xxxxxlast4 digits of your social sec #, If the inside of the brackets says [YOUR FULL NAME] you write it in all caps. If the inside of the brackets says [initials-birthdate] you write info all lower case. If the inside of the brackets says[Your Full Name] you write your name in upper and lower case … follow the specifics and details of what is between the brackets [    ]

2. a pdf version of the blank spaces document in word above. You can put it into a converter and convert from pdf to the program you use. There are free services online.

3. a pdf version of HATJ’s factualized trust you can use as a reference, so you visually see what she did in each space, where you are filling the blank spaces one.



1. when editing the document be careful to: keep commas, periods, punctuation that is after the ] when you remove the the [ ]

2. don’t change the colors on the doc, that is the way the original is

3. be careful with the formatting. Right now the way its supposed to be it is 7 pages. The “front” page so to speak– and the 1-6 of the rest of the factualized trust.

4. make sure to go in and change the footer and personalize that


Supplies you will need:

1. a purple ink pen for signing your name

2. a red ink pad for your “wet ink” signature

3. a good weight white paper

4. a notary who can notarize your factualized trust.


Steps to take for completing your factualized trust:

1. Have fun

2. Breather deep and remember Who You Really Are- I AM –

3. save the blank spaces document AS- your name factualized trust. That way you will have a master of the blank spaces one, just in case.

4. carefully insert all of your info in the correct places and remove the [  ] and leave existing punctuation.

5. look everything over and then print.

6. check again to make sure you have everything filled in correctly.

7. Read the factualized trust out loud and feel the energy signature the document carries and the energetic vibration that is created from your voice reading those words aloud.

8. Practice doing your wet ink signature with your thumb and the ink pad on scratch paper.

9. Bring your purple pen and your red ink pad with you and go to the notary.

10. Start by doing your wet ink signature on each page on each signature line. In the center of each line. There are 9 places to sign. (this is helpful and will let you get the ink part over with first.)

11. Using the purple pen, sign your name on each of the 9 lines right over your “wet ink” signature.

11. do your happy dance as you take your notarized factualized trust with you.

12. You will want to scan your notarized trust and turn it into an electronic version saved as a pdf. If you can’t do this at home, stop by staples or similar store get it scaned and put on a thumb drive to use.

Wet Ink Signature:  You are signing your documents with a “wet ink” signature. Used to be done with your blood, then thumb print, and pen signature on top of the blood. It is your unique energetic- bio-metric signature.

It can not be forged.

Your FT, is your proof of Original Deposit to you the Original Depository, the source of funds, You. You are the bank.

You can use the FT, as you feel moved to do.

Have you read the personalized FT document out loud? please do. This will help you to tune into what is really contained in this document and the power the FT and you have.

I will repeat what I have said many times already. The money from your Treasury Direct Deposit Accounts is just a few snow flakes on the tip of the ice burg of what is really going on. What the whole process of pulling back and tearing down the curtain really entails.

One possible thought for utilizing your FT.

Fill out Your Factualized trust, and send it to each institution, bank, utility, shopping place, you have an account with. Just send it to them, thank them for their great business and to have a nice day.

Again, millions of people all over the planet flooding this awareness of hidden accounts all over the planet will let the PTW, know the JIG is up and its time to end the False Construct.


More to come. Please be patient, I’m doing my best, in between my long workday/hours full time job.


Thank you, You all are doing an amazing job. I Love You, and I Appreciate You. BZ

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